Computer Engineering

The 21st century is the era of computing. All aspects of human life are promoted and supported by the prominent area of computing such as Computer Science and Engineering. This field of technology deals with the software and hardware components. The curriculum of Diploma in Computer Engineering is designed to fulfill the requirement of the society, industry and technology. 

Study-Spectrum of Programme

The various areas of curriculum includes 

  • Design of computers
  • Programming languages such C,C++, Java,Python etc
  • Operating system and other system software design and case studies
  • Microprocessors and micro controllers 
  • Data communication and computer networks
  • Design of application softwares.
  • Web design and development
  • Computer hardware and networking
  • Database Management Systems
  • Embedded Systems 
  • Smart Device Programming
  • Software Engineering

Along with the above the curriculum focuses on the personal development by including the courses on 

  •  Health and physical education
  • Life skills • Environmental science
  • Management skills

Scope of the Programme 

There is a huge gap between the requirement of diploma level computer engineers and their availability. The curriculum of diploma in Computer Engineering fills this gap to some extent. The diploma holders can develop their career in national, multinational and Govt. organisations or they could become entrepreneurs. 

The major employment opportunities are :

  •  Programmers
  • Software professionals
  • System analysts and administrators
  • Hardware engineers
  • Web developers
  • Network engineers
  • Training professionals etc.

There are ample opportunities for the diploma holders for higher studies. They include 

  • Lateral entry to B. Tech. courses leads to M. Tech. and research
  • Specialisation programmes in software, Networking and Hardware fields leads to International Certifications 
  •  AMIE etc.